By Kimberley  helps you to solve problems, gives you new inspiration and shows new insights to strengthen your company, brand or product.

Therefore we have a package of different services, but as flexible as we are, other requests are more than welcome. When believing in connecting our own powers, we can make everything happen.



My name is Kimberley Schouten and I run my creative business since 2012.

My playground is mainly situated in Amsterdam, but I like to cross borders, so I operate all over the place.

My ambition is my ammunition and makes that I constantly set higher goals; for myself and for my clients. And make sure these goals are achieved, to engender noticeable growth.

You can describe be as aesthetic, an explorer, a go-getter
and an addict (yep, shoes and coffee. Coffee the most I guess).
I dare to dream big, what makes me a intense chaser when it comes to my aspirations. I’m a caretaker, what makes I would give anything to ensure you’ll get what you need and/or what you ask from me.

What keeps me busy in life, can be discovered by clicking the buttons on the right. These are all the online places where you can follow me. Information, inspiration and maybe some irrelevant, but fun posts.

I think that’s it for now. I hope you like coffee as much as I do, because I would love to answer to your questions while enjoying a cup of this delicious beverage.