We know how to express ourselves with words, written or spoken. But to empower your message, visual design is the answer. By Kimberley helps by creating your own visual style which is unique for you, yet identifiable for others. Visual speak for themselves, and speak even more than a thousand words.

By Kimberley works with professional programs and is proficient with graphic design.


By Kimberley thinks in possibilities and delivers customized services, just because every company is unique with their own identity and values.

By co-creation, finding the right touch- and value points and the implementation of trends, we create new and innovative concepts or we empower an existing concept. Because we think development is the evolution of a whole piece or movement from a leading theme or motive.


Social media is about to become the nr. 1 media people are using, involved with and consult and it’s the medium to share your thoughts and offer with hundreds or even thousands of other people. Social media can make you, or break you. Outstanding content and good management when it comes to the use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr etc is fundamental. By Kimberley guides you through the traffic of social media by choosing creative paths.


By Kimberley is trained in experimenting with words. We make words come to life by using the right language for your target group. We do not write texts, we tell stories. Stories that immerse the reader into the world of your brand, your experience. We don’t need people to listen, they need to feel it with all their senteces. That is the right way of copy writing.