M.A.T. BOY.  Boys fit for girls. 

We’re mad about the boy because there are times boys drive you crazy, times you can’t stand them but also times that you can’t live without them.

We create items for the girls who like boy stuff because they’re way more comfy. For girls who steal their BF clothes over and over again. For girls who don’t live by his rules. For girls who decide to go for it, with or without the boy.

M.A.T. the boy is for though girls, but let’s face it: none of us is that tough when it comes to falling in love.


M.A.T. boy is created by two girls with their own vision on life and love. They think that you can be all feminine, even when you wear boys stuff, just by adding a tough touch to your appearance.

According to them, the right edge of toughness gives you just that extra confidence in life.

This confidence is important to stand for your own beliefs. The M.A.T. boy girls believe in equality, we’re all the same, So why draw a line between boys and girls?!

By that, independence is a meaningful value: they love to be with the boy, but making a good way on their own when the boys are not around.